Samsung Copiers Cape Town

We consist of a select group of dedicated professionals whose expertise is primarily Office Automation systems and focus is just one thing – what the right solution is for the customer. We are service orientated and our knowledge and expertise is always available to our clients for every decision they make.
Samsung Copiers Cape Town operates through a national network of 57 branches that are able to service and maintain our range of Multi Functional Digital units, Laser Printers and all Colour Units. Our policy is to transfer as much cost saving as we can onto our clients in the form of lower pricing, and also the employment of qualified technicians. What we offer is 3 fold:

Why Choose Samsung Copiers Cape Town

Honest, accurate reliable information based on extensive product knowledge and experience on which you can make educated decisions. Information is key in current business decision making and with our vast and carefully selected brands we will give you transparent and un-biased guidelines and solutions to what will work best in your environment.

Two of our main brands are being sourced directly from the importer. Therefore, we guarantee the best pricing and stock availability at all times. Big capital investments are not needed as our importers carry and replace stock so in this regard there are no delays on delivering on our commitments.

What Samsung Copiers Cape Town Offers You!

We have established connections with a multitude of suppliers & finance houses, and subsequently negotiated premium pricing and rates on all of our multi branded equipment. What it all boils down to is no nonsense, un-fabricated information, competitive pricing on both cash purchases and lease agreements, and guaranteed prompt servicing on all our equipment, no matter what the size of your company. Imitating overseas trends, Digital Revelation has observed what works, and that is that customers of today need a variety on solutions, with strong backup and after sales. We are going from strength to strength even through this tough economical time by providing honest information and dedication to excellent service.

New Software with Samsung Copiers Cape Town

The Samsung OfficeServ PABX, your total traditional, VoIP, or IP ready PABX solution. The IP-PBX optimized Samsung Officeserv 7070 is geared for small and medium sized businesses having less than 50 employees. It supports not only VoIP communications, but works perfectly with existing communication infrastructures. Moreover, it provides powerful performance with built-in functions that are essential for small and medium-sized businesses such as CID, Auto Attendant, and Voice Mailing Service. We offer full support to all our clients nationwide. Your total no fuss, all in one solution with the most comprehensive after sales support in the market.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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